Pastor Phillip has had a desire to broadcast the Gospel on Hindu radio from the very beginning. He broadcasts in Nepalgunj and in four other districts. We also had contact with Reach Beyond Australia who broadcasts over short wave all over Asia. They wanted an Nepalese broadcast and offered to broadcast our program for free as long as we were faithful in getting the programs to them. 

Anita was a worker at a Hindu FM radio station in Nepalgunji. She was one of the workers there and was involved in the sound room and production for Phillip who had permission to record his GNN programs when the sound studio was empty.  After getting to know Phillip and hearing the message shared week after week she came to know Christ as her own Savior. She became a full time missionary. Her father was unhappy with her new faith and sent her to Kalikot a long distance from Nepalgunji. There she grew as a Christian and started evangelizing others. Eventually her father let her return to Nepalgunj.  She helped Phillip with the broadcasts. Eventually the Hindu radio station was not allowing Phillip to use there facilities as regularly. When Reach Beyond was not getting new programs they asked what was wrong and how could they help. We explained the situation and they offered to buy the equipment and do the training if we would build the sound room. We built a wonderful room and they came in with equipment that allows not only radio broadcasts but music recording.  We now have a professional radio studio that is manned by a trained staff.  We are so grateful for Reach Beyond Australia’s generosity. They continue to be a blessing. Anita has become a wonderful producer and has also developed her gifts as an administrator treasurer.

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Reach to Unreached:​ ​Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Western Nepal

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The story of anita and GNN Radio

Radio Broadcasts

R​adio evangelism broadcasts are a vibrant part of GNN's ministry. Below you can hear messages in both English and Nepalese.